If you are the owner of an ecommerce or if you are someone that is thinking of starting one, then something that should always be your main goal is to bring in as many customers as you can and keep them on your website for hours. Creating a website that has all the right elements to allow you to do that can be a real challenge, but when you have a great template to work with, that task immediately becomes easier. Today we are going to talk to you about our top three free ecommerce website templates in Canada, so you should definitely keep on reading until the end.

Women’s fashion

If you are looking for a templates that is perfect for an online store that sells apparel, then this is a great option. This particular template features a very clean and minimal design that has a lot of white space free and that what space is exactly what adds more richness to all of your featured products and it also adds to the clean look of the website. That white space will also allow you to add as many products as you want without it looking crowded.

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Shop list

If you are in the business of selling accessories or other lifestyle products then Shop list is a great option when it comes to free ecommerce website templates in Canada. Because this template does have a lifestyle element to it, all of the features that you will get are already really modern and clean and even though the homepage itself isn’t that long it is still big enough to hold all of the most important features. There are some great hover effects that are a part of the features which can show the prices of a product, as well as other details and that handy feature, will also give you more space for you to add more products on the home page.

Grocery Shoppy

This template is one that has a very classic style and is the perfect choice for anyone that has a grocery store online. The template comes with really bold texts and a blocky design and because of those elements, you will be able to show a lot of different types of products right on the homepage of the ecommerce. Another great feature comes as a part of the header and that is the image slider that has great transition effects that will help you showcase any offers you may have.

If you have the perfect website then the chances of your customers coming back over and over are much greater and that is exactly what you want. These three free e-commerce website templates in Canada are some of our favorites out there and we hope you take the time to check them out.